I came across this quote “work out your own salvation with diligence” and instantly knew I needed to do more with my life. Then the Hope 2 Haiti opportunity came along two weeks later and I knew I had to do whatever I had to do to go. I thought I could do a little bit of travel and make a difference in someone else’s life. I never ever thought it would change my life so much. As hot as it was (and it was!) and uncomfortable at times (and it was!) and even with the transportation complications (oh my!) all I can think about is going back. How can help more? How can I get more people involved? How can I change the world? I really thought I was going to help change Haiti and it turned out Haiti helped change me.

Meet Sierra White

Where are you from?

Lacey, WA

What made you want to go to Haiti?

Ummm…a celebrity crush….and a well timed opportunity…and an overwhelming sense that if I didn’t get up off my butt and do something now that I may never.  That’s a terrible answer I know.  To travel, to make a tangible difference in someone’s life, to be able to not only help a person but maybe a town get back on its feet…I don’t how anyone could pass up an opportunity to do that.
What are you hoping to get out of the experience?

I don’t know what I’m hoping for.  This is so much bigger than anything else I’ve done.  I think really I just want to make sure that I do experience it…to keep my eyes open.  I don’t want to look back later and think I should have done more.   I want to go to bed tired and wake up the next morning sore and know I’ve done something good that day.  I do NOT want to get too sunburned!

How did you approach the task of raising $5,000?

Honestly, I didn’t really raise the money.  In what has been a weird year in my life, I actually had the money.  So, to keep myself and my friends sane I decided to put my own money in.  I tend to get a bit crazy and neurotic at times and it turns out planning fundraisers is one of those times.

What are a few of your best fundraising tips?

For me, it was a couple of friends to deal with my crazy.

Can you offer any words of encouragement to those who are still working towards their fundraising goal?

Play the lottery….marry rich…paten something.  I really am terrible at fundraising.  Honestly…relax, have fun, tap into your own skill set and remember that no matter how much you raise it really is all going to a wonderful cause.