I wanted to go to Haiti out of sheer curiosity and because I love traveling and helping people. It was difficult fund raising all the money, but I got a ton of help from friends and family, whom I thank so much for making the trip possible. Everything I had hoped for in the trip happened and more. I felt a huge connection with the children and the generosity of everyone I was working in conjunction with surprised me and made me so happy. Thank you everyone, especially Lisa for making this possible and Misha for keeping us laughing, even in the extensive heat. And it was an honor to be a turkey raisin.

Meet Lexi Tanen

Where are you from?

San Diego, California

What made you want to go to Haiti?

I went to Cambodia last summer with Habitat for Humanity and had a really great experience so I wanted to go and do something similar this summer.
What are you hoping to take away from this experience?

I would love to meet new people and just help out. Also, I love to travel and see different things.

How did you approach the task of raising $5,000 in donations?

With a lot of enthusiasm and some trepidation.

What are a few of your best fundraising tips?

Go to friends and family first, because they’ll want to help out all they can, but don’t be afraid to put up fliers around school or ask strangers because more people are willing to help than you’d think.

Can you offer any words of encouragement to those still working towards their fundraising goal?

Good luck!! I hope to see you there!