My name is Rebecca McGrath, I’m 20 years old (very nearly 21) and I live in Birmingham, England. I’m currently studying Politics and American Studies at the University of Nottingham but have the amazing opportunity to study in Albany, New York this year and as living in the United States is my dream this is very big deal for me. My hobbies are not very distinct, I wish they were, but ultimately I just love to travel and do as many new things as I can and of-course along with the rest I love my television shows, namely that show supernatural.

Meet Becky McGrath

Where are you from?

Birmingham, England

What made you want to go to Haiti?

To have a potentially life changing experience while doing as much as I could to help a very worthwhile cause.

What are you hoping to get out of the experience?

I was hoping to gain a new perspective on just how lucky I am and how unfortunate others are to help me live my life in a much more giving way. Additionally I was hoping to gain a new independence by taking part in something completely out of my comfort zone.

How did you approach the task of raising $5000?

I raised the money from my very very generous family.

What are a few of your best fundraising tips?

Never be afraid to ask as people are often much more willing to give than you might think.

Can you offer any words of encouragement to those still working towards their fundraising goal?

Don’t give up because every small amount of money you raise means so much to those you are helping.