Hi everybody! I am Andrea, my friends call me Rea, I turned 32 on our Haiti-trip and live in a little town close to Bonn in Germany.

Ok I think everybody who met me on the trip knows that I am very good in saying weird and stupid things so let´s not break the tradition and go on… Last year in June I met a woman over in New Jersey which predicted me that this year in March will happen something to me which will change my life… OK to be honest, I know that this is a little bit let´s say ill-defined…but…March was the time where I started to work on this project and finally went on a trip which touched my heart, filled my soul and opened my eyes! And where I met inspiring people and made friends I never wanna miss again!

The Hope to Haiti-Project and the people I met will stay in my heart forever! So I would say, well done mental American lady!