My name is Alexandra, but friends call me Sasha. I was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia. After school I went to Moscow University of Physics and Engineering, faculty of Theoretical and Experimental Physics. After a year I decided that Russian science definitely can survive without me J and entered Finance Academy, where I got my degree in corporate finance in 2000. Use to work for giants like Canon and Bayer. And now I’m very happy to work for ABBYY, leading Russian software company, so my interest for science finally satisfied. I use to have many hobbies when I was a kid, most serious were jazz musical school, horse riding and dancing. Recent one is windsurfing. My work takes most of my time, but I take any chance to go travel. I like to discover new places, cultures and people. Learning and experience new things are my worst addictions. Some people collect material objects like paintings, stamps, coins, etc. I prefer to collect impressions and memories of places I visited and people I met and experience we shared. And if I’m lucky – good friendship relations with those people is a bonus. And I can tell you for sure that this journey to Haiti, people I met there and emotions and activities we shared are diamonds of my collection.