Our Haiti Angels: Patrick

Patrick is a super smart little man, and he wants to do everything. When he grows up, he wants to be a cabinet-maker and an auto mechanic, as well as a construction engineer and an agronomist! We had to look the last one up – Wikipedia says that agronomy is “the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fuel, fiber, and reclamation.” That’s impressive stuff!

Patrick is an ambitious little boy, and why shouldn’t he have ambitions? Thanks to the Espoir Des Enfants Jacmel orphanage and his father (and Random Acts’ supporters), Patrick has a chance to realise his dreams.

Patrick’s father brought him to the EDEJ in 2006, four years before the earthquake that shook the island – and two years after Hurricane Jeanne.

Originally from Croix-des-Missions, Patrick’s mother moved to Gonaives to be with his father. It was a fatal decision. In 2004, Hurricane Jeanne caused catastrophic flooding in Gonaives, and Patrick’s mother sadly lost her life. Patrick was just two years old.

Patrick went to live with his grandmother, and he was happy for a time. Sadly, in 2005 his grandmother died, leaving Patrick alone with his father.

Patrick’s father is not a bad man, but he is very old. He knew that he could not take care of his increasingly energetic and curious little boy, and after struggling for a year he decided to take Patrick to the EDEJ.

The situation was further complicated by Patrick’s half-siblings. His father had separated from his wife of thirty years before meeting Patrick’s mother, and he had several children before Patrick was born. “Patrick’s half-siblings do not accept him as their little brother, because he has a different mother,” says the EDEJ. “Even though there is nobody else to care for him, they won’t do it.”

Despite his tragic start in life and his convoluted family situation, Patrick’s future is bright. When he arrived, he hadn’t attended any school at all. Now he’s in the 5th grade and hoping to be an agronomist! Thanks to your continued support, he’s also growing up in a loving and stable environment, and has a real chance to achieve his dreams.

Please donate to Hope 2 Haiti, for children like Patrick and the futures they hope to realise.

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