Our Haiti story contest — winners announced!

Thank you everyone for the fantastic effort over the week! We ended up with 14 people who raised $500 or more during the past week, with Bec Cross winning, having raised $2,050 in the seven days of the competition. Bec will be receiving a specially-penned story by Misha Collins in recognition of her efforts.

Across the week, we raised $19,410 — which is an absolutely awesome piece of work! Standing ovation for all!

Everyone who raised more than $500 during the competition period will receive a signed piece of vintage H2H merchandise. The amazing fund-raisers are:

Bec Cross
Vanesha Gya
Robin Sussman
Julie Yip
Nicole Sporer
Sarah Miller
Katherine Bullock
Kimberly Richardson
Sienna (Rae) Stevenson
Shelley Small
Kristine Lu
Jess Lowe
Claudia Mendes

Rochelle Benson also raised well over $500 but she elected not to participate in the competition. Congratulations to Rochelle, too!

Thank you everyone for your amazing participation! We’re going to have plenty more activities to help you with fund raising between now and the end of May, so stay tuned…

And if you missed out on Misha’s story this time, why not cheer yourself up by reading one of our inspirational Haiti Angels stories? Find out all about Stephen or Seinthia.

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