New pics from Haiti

This past week Lisa Rueff Schneider, who leads Random Acts’ H2H trips and who heads up the Jacmel Children’s Center project along with her husband Philip, visited Jacmel and brought back some amazing photos to share with everyone.

The Jacmel Children’s Center has come such a long way from an uneven plot of land filled with rubble:

ETA: A very uplifting video of a group of local Haitians singing together in the building:

This is Lisa with Bebe from the Art Creation Foundation for Children:

Thanks to all of you, the ACFFC was able to move into their new building late last year. They have since decorated it and made a real home out of it!

They even have a new library in their home now, which the children are so incredibly thrilled about:

Creating art from litter. Here they’re turning discarded wine bottles into beautiful mosaic works.

While there, Lisa and her fellow volunteers partnered with the ACFFC to create a gorgeous mosaic wall. The ACFFC’s ongoing work to beautify Jacmel one surface at a time has inspired so many groups and individuals to help, and Random Acts has long been one of them.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures, and thanks to Lisa for sharing them!

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