Every one of us can make a difference!

Hey everybody!

My name is Andrea, most of the team calls me Rea, I am 33, from Germany and one of the volunteers who travelled with Random Acts to Haiti on both of the last trips in 2011 and 2012.

As a returning member of the team I am so thankful for everything I am allowed to see, feel, to experience and learn during this journey. I have always believed that those of us with financial security can achieve so much by being generous to others. And I had already been thinking for some time about doing volunteer work in an poor area of the world to help with my own hands and to come out of the experience more focused and strengthened. I thought that this is something you should do at least one time in your life. As you already read, I wasn´t done after just one time in my life… 😉

As I left Germany for the first trip in June 2011 I didn´t know anybody on the team, didn´t know what or who to expect. I was excited, I was nervous and I wanted to make everybody who had supported me proud, everybody who believed in me travelled with me in my heart to Haiti. Going over there was the most meaningful thing I ever did, I met people who inspired me and made friends I will love for the rest of my life. And I learned that every one of us can make a difference. How stimulating and motivating was this!!!! The journey “Haiti with Random Acts” made a deep impact on my life and I know we all made a deeply positive impact on the lives of many wonderful kids in Jacmel, Haiti. Kids are getting a home which provides an education, medical attention and a better future! This rocks! You didn´t support us till now? What are you waiting for? 😉

PS After the 2nd trip I created a little homepage on my own to talk about my experiences and to show my wonderful donors what they all made possible, that each and one of them makes a difference… maybe you like to visit me there



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